Services Overview


Once the account is assigned to Legal Credit Management Corp. (LCMC), the account is then reviewed for completeness to determine if additional information is necessary. When the account review phase is completed, it is then assigned a collector, it is at this point that we enter any client special handling instructions so they flash on the assigned collectors’ screen. In this process the first demand letter is issued immediately of assigning the account to LCMC. The assigned collector will follow-up with telephone negotiations and if necessary a 2nd demand letter is issued and mailed with telephone calls follow-up, emails and text messages. If all efforts for recovery are exhausted then the file will be assigned to our lawyer for review and to further pursue the matter from the lawyers’ office.

Letter Communication Program

This program is highly recommend to be utilized for accounts which are between 30 days and 6 month past due. We will send two collection letters for each account on our letterhead asking the debtor/s to pay you directly. This process will defiantly reduce your outside collection cost as you only have to pay the cost for the Prepaid Collection letters; even if the money is collected our regular contingency fees do not apply.

Outsourcing & Accounts Receivable Program

This program is designed to assist businesses that have customers with early stage delinquent accounts and little or no time to work the accounts effectively. In a short period of time, LCMC will contact these customers and arrange for payment of the account directly to the client’s office.

Credit Bureau Reporting

All accounts listed with our office for collections will be reported within 60 days to the credit bureau, from the date the account was assigned to our office.

Litigation Program

Legal Credit Management Corp. offers end-to-end litigation including issuing claim, court enforcement of judgments for matters within the small claims court jurisdiction. Should our client give us the permission to commence legal proceedings against the debtor, and upon obtaining judgment against the debtor we will exercise all legal venues for enforcing judgment, including garnishment of bank accounts and/or wages and/or seizure and sale of personal property and/or land.

Tracing & Status Investigation Program

In the course of working the file, if we become aware of new information pertaining to the debtor (updated trace information) such as change of address, new home and business phone number, this information will be forwarded to the client after work on the file has been completed.